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本日も、SEO並びにMatt Cuttsさんの話題。

4月28日にGoogle webmaster teamは、「How does Google choose titles for search results? 」と題して、どんな評価方法で検索結果のタイトルを決定していくのかを、youtube上のショートビデオで発表しました。


■ 短いタイトルである。
■ 個別のページに、しっかりと、discriptionタグでページの説明がなされている。
■ 検索クエリ(検索キーワード)と関連性がある。



■ コンテンツの内容(bodyタグの中の内容を吟味)
■ アンカーテキスト(リンクのaltタグやテキストリンクの文言内容)
■ オープン・ディレクトリーを参考にする(おそらくDmozのことだと思われます。)

hey everybody we got a couple questions about title so we wanted to do a video
about how Google selects the titles
that we show in Irvine are snippets in our search results so the first question
came from Christian in Madrid
and the question was what criteria is Google used to change the title it shows
in the serbs
depending on the query and then we also got a question from Nepal
that asked why Google search results doesn’t show the current meta title the
web page
and they were saying that they showed in h1 tag from the HTML page
so basically whenever we tried to choose the title or should
decide which title to show in the search result we’re looking for a concise
description of the page
that’s also relevant to the query so there’s a few criteria that we look at
number one
we tread is find something that’s relatively short on number two we wanna
have a good description of the page
and ideally the site that the pages on
and number three we also want to know that it’s relevant to the query somehow
so if your existing HTML title
fits those criteria the oftentimes the default will be
just use your time so in an ideal world it would
absent accurately describe the page in the site it would be relevant to the
query it would also be somewhat short
now if your current title has best as we can tell
doesn’t match that then the user who types in something and doesn’t see
something related to their query or
doesn’t good have a good idea about exactly what this page is going to be
is less likely to click on so it was kinda cases we might dig a little bit
we might use content on your page I we might look at the links that point to
your page in
incorporate some text from those links we might even use the Open Directory
Project to try to help figure out what a good head would be
I’m but the thing to bear in mind is it each of these cases were looking for the
best title
that will help the user assess whether that’s what they’re looking for
so give you one to control the title that’s been shown
you can completely control it but you can try to anticipate
want to use are going to type and then make sure that your table reflects not
something about that query or the page that you’re on
but also includes sort of the side that you’re on we’re trying to give some
context that the user knows what they’re going to get
whenever the cricket on

参考文献:Google Webmasters (Matt Cutts)
How does Google choose titles for search results?


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